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–Jonathan ( Portland)


On a scale of 1 to 10 this was an 11!

–Eric (San Francisco)


Rowan was the absolute hit of our wedding! People were lined up all night long and raving about his accuracy weeks later. We will use him again and recommend him to anyone who wants to throw a really amazing party. Our only regret was that we couldn’t have two of him!

–Danielle R. (San Francisco)


I just want to say that Rowan was spot on with his reading for me.   He really zeroed in on what I was thinking and feeling. I am impressed with his psychic support.  He gives it to you straight so you can continue to be more powerful in your life.

–Saeeda H. (San Francisco)


I was amazed at what Rowan had to say in regard to the question that I posed to him.  His reading was dead on and I was mystified by how accurate and relevant it was.  I appreciate the sincerity and passion in his work, and I am definitely a huge FAN!

–Daryoush B (San Francisco)


We were THRILLED with your service and will call you again in the future. Everyone is abuzz about their readings – you really nailed it!

–Laurie A. (San Francisco)


Rowan’s reading was totally SPOT ON! I appreciate how practical and grounded it was! I was able to handle the situation with so much more perspective and compassion because of the clarity and accuracy given as well as Rowan’s empowering attitude.

–Chiara V. (San Francisco)


Rowan’s readings are perfectly balanced with practicality and pure spiritual guidance. He goes straight to the point with honesty and depth, leaving one’s jaw open with a sense of, ” Wow, this is so perfect!” I am starting an orphanage in Guatemala and have had to make  a lot of decisions. Rowan’s past words keep popping up from months ago as I take lead in this powerful work and as I trust the words, they feel like such aligned guidance.  I am so grateful for this wisdom coming through him!

–Jacqueline C. (San Francisco)


Thanks for the stellar reading! It really helped ground a lot of the confusing energy that’s been floating around me. It was a source of comfort and focused inspiration.

–Kasia ( San Francisco)

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